Confetti | Mini Bow

Confetti | Mini Bow

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  • Crepe
  • Mini Bow
  • 2.5"- 3"
  • Attached to an alligator clip
    Our Mini Bow is the perfect size bow for every age!

    Need more than one? No problem! Simply add two bows to your cart and enter the code: PIGTAILS to get 35% off every 'set' of two bows in your cart! 

    Are you looking for a smaller bow to add to your mini’s collection? Stock up on our adorable Mini Bows! They’ll pair perfectly with all of your little one's outfits! They’re small enough to let their natural beauty take the stage, yet they still add an extra dose of adorable- just when you thought your little one couldn’t get any cuter!

    The Mini Bow is made of soft, high-quality fabric and is 2.5”- 3” in length- as Goldilocks would say, they’re not too big and not too small- they’re just right!

    Each Mini Bow is hand-made with love, and will vary in size ever-so-slightly!