Beige Corduroy | Skini Bow

Beige Corduroy | Skini Bow

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  • Skini Bow
  • 3.5” - 4”
  • Attached to your choice of a one-size-fits-all nylon headband or alligator clip

Our Midi Bow- but “Skini”er! If you’re looking for a bow that is just the right size but has a little less oomph than our Midi Bow, you’ve met your perfect match! You’ll fall in love with the dainty appearance of our Skini Bow!Whether you need a nylon headband, alligator clips, or a pigtail set, our Skini Bow comes in all three styles!Our Skini Bow is created by hand using soft, high-quality fabric and is 3.5”- 4” in length- perfect for precious little heads of all sizes! With its durability and versatility, you'll love this bow for years to come! Each Skini Bow is hand-made with love and will vary in size ever-so-slightly!

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