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Sun-Daze Set | Propeller Bow

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  • Burnt Orange (Top) Light Orange (Middle) Brown (Bottom)
  • Silk Faille 
  • Propeller Bow
  • 3.5” - 4”
  • Attached to your choice of a one-size-fits-all nylon headband or alligator clip

Set of three propeller bows: Daisies (top), Sand Suns (middle), Copper (bottom)

These hand-tied bows are made with high-quality fabric and your choice of one-size-fits-all nylon headbands or alligator clips. These bows are also available in pigtail sets, which include two matching bows with alligator clips for each of the propeller bows listed above (6 propellers total).

Each of these bows are handmade, so they all vary slightly in size and appearance, with measurements between 3.5"- 4" in length and about 0.75"- 0.9" wide.

We hope you love these bows as much as we do!